Activism: Pamphlet workshop

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Today we had a special guest, from level 6, Lisa Wallius.
She came to our class to share with us her experience with pamphlets. Like us, she had to create a pamphlet too, and it was really great to see all of the progress, started from what the pamphlet would have inside, what colour she would use, what images she would place it and how she would display it.
You see, a simple pamphlet has a lot of details that you have to think about it.
You need to considerate a lot of details as if you want to use both sides of the pages if you are only using one page, if you would have a poster at the back or if you just going to use an image or more, etc.
After her visit, we had a workshop, we needed to use an A2 page folded in 16 and started off doing a mockup for our own pamphlet using some images and bits of texts that we had.
Here are some examples of Lisa’s work and my work that was exposed on the table and also a little mockup for my pamphlet.




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