Monotype – Final Outcome

In this brief I was challenged to use type to celebrate a community.
I chose the Portuguese community because I lived there all my childhood and adolescence.
I now live in England and thought it would be a good opportunity to create a typography that would reflect my community.
After some research I had the idea of ​​creating my typography in the style of tiles.
I have chosen tiles for being something that has always been and is present in Portugal, it is part of their identity. The use of tiles is especially in the most important and emblematic places, such as in palaces, in churches, or even in the train stations.


The Portuguese people are very hardworking people, very generous and mostly welcoming, we are able to invite a stranger to sit at the same table, or to enter our homes with only five minutes of conversation.
This was also one of the reasons I chose tiles, as they are also part of the Portuguese houses, as decoration and memories of their grandmother’s homes.
I created the whole alphabet so that afterwards there would be the possibility of creating new words.


I have an example of one of the posters that says “family”, which it reminds me of a game called “scrabble”, which once again will give this spirit of “spending time together”, living in community, spending time with your family and friends.


The royal blue colour is the colour used in traditionally Portuguese tiles, and this specific blue means power, wealth and value, which for me are adjectives that I attribute to the Portuguese community.
There are many Portuguese scattered throughout England, but there is a specific area in South London that is known as “Little Portugal”, where there is a greater Portuguese population gathered and some shops and cafes that only contain Portuguese products.
Among the letters of the alphabet, I decided to draw some of the most well-known icons of Portugal, some of its characteristics, such as the sun, sea, wine, fresh fish, the heart of Viana, and some examples of tile’s patterns that could possibly exist in Portugal.
My main goal was to create an alphabet that could translate this community.
From there I developed some ideas, such as posters, that can promote this Community,  that can call for more people to join this family. I also designed an idea of ​​a website that can contribute to the growth of this community and also some visual ideas of possible posters or banners that can be used by the community to represent them.

This were the final slides for the entry for this competition. All of the pictures on this post.


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