Monotype: Portuguese Community

Whenever I think of Portugal, it is unimaginable not to think, in the landscapes, in the streets, in the people, in the houses, or even in the tiles so typically Portuguese, but why the tile?

The tile is one of the most distinctive marks of what is the Portuguese culture.
In many of them, the history and memory of thousands of Portuguese are condensed.

And this is the message that I want to pass on to my audience, I want to represent my community as an emigrant who leaves his country, but who will always keep his country in his memory, his history, his culture.

In drawing some of the sketches on this idea I tried not only to recreate some tiles but also to pass some of the symbols / elements that are so well known by my country, such as the sun, sea, fresh fish, typically Portuguese music (FADO), the Portuguese guitar, the good wine, the beaches from north to south, etc.

The tile is also something that is affixed to the walls and this once again passes this message, from “home”. The Portuguese people are a very receptive community, very welcome, very open to receiving strangers in their homes and treating them as if they were of their family.

A tile can also represent wealth, value, and this is also one of the messages I want to pass with my tiles, that the Portuguese should be valued as a community.

The color most associated with the tiles of Portugal is the royal blue, says that this is due to the distant blue / infinity in association with the royal blue, in what is understood to the context of rememoration of a golden, dignified past, of power and of success .

So these were some of my sketches:

azulejo 5azulejoazulejo 2azulejo 3azulejo 4


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