Monotype: Brief / Research

The second project of this module is a project in collaboration with D & AD’s New Blood Award.
My class had access to 4 briefs and we could choose which one we wanted.
I ended up choosing the “Monotype” brief, every year the challenges are different.
This year’s brief is to create typography through “community”.
I can choose any community, my own, or one that I think is “poorly represented” or that only I find interesting and want to give more importance.

The community I chose was the Portuguese community.
Here in England there are many Portuguese people, including an area in London in Stockwell which is known as “Little Portugal”, where there are many Portuguese people, typically Portuguese cafes, food from Portugal, and many other details related to Portugal, such as lawyers, or offices that work with Portugal and only Portuguese people.

My first task was to do a research on this place, to observe and read some of the comments of people who live there or who simply passed it to visit.
I’ve already read it myself to deal with personal matters.
And really in that small space I felt that I was in Portugal, I do not know if it was because I was speaking in Portuguese or because I was surrounded by small shops and cafes with Portuguese names and so.

Here are some of the photos of this place:


So basically this was my first research and thoughts about this project, now I will have to gather more information and focus on the main thing of this challenge which is :



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