CIP: First ideas for the “COLLECTION” book

Again, this is for me one of the most shattering projects.
Working in a program as complete and complex as Adobe InDesign is not always easy, thanks to youtube, this walk has been easier.
I think it is very important and everybody should do it, use their time outside of the university to teach themselves, because not always in the university there will be time for teachers to teach their difficulties one by one, I am not a pro on the subject but to me I feel proud of what I’ve done so far.

For my book, are I want to keep a very simple record and use what I have in my favour, illustrations. I want my book to say something about me, not just for the photos or the content but also through the illustrations or through its style.

I am a lover of color, and all my work is very colorful, it reflects a lot on my personality and my way of being, so hopefully, my book will definitely be an explosion of colors.

My book will be in A5 size, I do not want a very large book and text will be almost nothing at all.
I will concentrate on the illustrations and only use small quotes to transcribe what I mean by the images and my drawings.

Here are some examples of images that I used as my inspiration:

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