CIP: “COLLECTION” first draft

The first thing I did, was to make a mockup of a book, the size of A5, to help me see in real size, the composition of the book, where it should be the images, where should position the text, what colours to use, and know exactly the place of things.

Since this book would take some time to edit, and since I was not very familiar with InDesign, I decided to go into the digital program soon and work on that platform, instead of doing it by hand and then having to go through everything again. InDesign, and so I would also start to practice more and get used to working on that digital platform.

First of all, colourful I thought about the cover of my book, I wanted something colourful. I still did not know if I wanted photographs or an illustration of mine, but I knew that I did not want something elaborate, I wanted to choose the simplest, the most effective, and at the same time I wanted it to be a cover that people want to take in the book and explore the interior, to conclude, wanted something objective and that aroused interest.


These were my initial ideas for the cover:

cover donecover of collection


I confess that I was trying to do something different, but I ended up not liking the results, I think it did not fit into what I was imagining.
I wanted to use my favourite technique, which is watercolour paints, and perhaps some drawing, but it was not something that had to be necessarily illustrated, I just wanted to have watercolour paints, because that’s part of the “style” of my work.

So I chose to simplify, I took away any kind of typography done by hand and I used a spot of several colours in the technique that defines me the most and I used the “Helvetica” typeface for the title of my book and my name underneath.I think it was much more harmonious and organized.
I also tried to play around with trying to invert the title into the colours, but it was a bit too much and a bit like something that already exists.

Here are the images of the trial that I did and the final cover:

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 21.40.13

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