Archives and Future Places: Storyboard

I confess that I had fun with this project.
At first, I was a little hesitant if I would produce the 12 still images or if I would create an animation.
But because I’m not very good at working with Adobe Premiere, I opted for doing the twelve drawings first and then creating slides with the accompanying audio so it would be easier for me to import my drawings into the program and apply the audio after.

As soon as I did my research, I immediately had an idea of what I wanted to use in my project.
In my previous blog post when I talked about Clara Ellen Grant and I told that she did all the good things for society, I immediately had the idea to recreate something similar, my story would have something to do with this Clara Ellen Grant action, but never forgetting that my story will pass in 100 years time, and there would have to adopt some more futuristic and modern things.

For example the arch, I had to change it completely, instead of using wood I would adopt a different material as metal or iron, to turn it more sophisticated.


My story is really simple, its based on a girl, she is walking through Roman Road, she is going to join the big queue to get something once she passes the arch, but because this arch its modern, instead of giving a coin to someone, she will have to place her hand on the board that exists there, and that board will read her fingertips and her feelings too.

After she opens the door with her details, she will have a machine that is going to ask her for her coin, she will insert the coin, and the machine will read it. Once it reads it, she will get her coin back but this time it is charged with the feeling that is missing on her body. She will leave that place and insert the coin into her heart, and that is the main message that I want to pass with my story.


Instead of having this queue to get a materialistic gift, my story is based on the actual feelings, because in my mind that is what is going to miss more in a space of 100 years, people care more about the materials and things that you can easily buy nowadays than the proper feelings.

I picked some feelings as, Love, Respect, Forgiveness. etc



Next blog post will be about my drawings for this project.


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