Archives and Future Places: Final Video

To edit my video and create the sounds I had to ask for help from a friend of mine who has his own music studio and who understands this area.
It is important in this area to always know where to turn and to learn from whom you know.
For me, this part was the most challenging because I do not understand anything about music or sound editing.
But I learned a lot, learned how to cut the soundtracks, how to put them together, how to “clean” the grazes of some recordings, to record in a microphone.
For my animation, I chose to insert simple sounds, once again for the story does not run too far from the message itself.

It was a fun time, it was funny to have to choose the right sound for every 5 seconds, again I had to be too restricted to not exaggerate and start to put a lot of sounds together and then it seems like a confusion and there is a lot going on at the same time , I had to be quite selective.

All the effects I used in my video were just imaging transitions effects in Adobe Premiere. At first, practising it was complicated, nor did erase what I had selected I knew, but after seeing some online tutorials and practice as much as I can, it becomes easier to use these programs.


Here is the video already on youtube:


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