Archives and Future Places: Development of my drawings

I started this project by thinking about how many images I would have, there would be 12 images, so I would have to divide the time of the images equally and remembering that they would be only for 1 minute, that gave me an estimate of 5 seconds per image.
This made me have to be careful in choosing the narrative because the images could not have many elements since 5 seconds pass very fast and my audience would have to have enough time to “read” the images.
As would be a narrative sequence, the drawings should be in the right order and so that all images made sense one after another.

These were the results of my drawings, I kept some very simple lines so that they would be easy to understand, I kept Romana Street because I consider one of the streets more important streets and areas of this project.

The character of my story is a girl, I have no specific reason for this, but I thought it would be easier for me to choose clothes and hair that would repeat for many drawings for the story ahead.

Here are the examples of the drawings still in black and white, in the next blog post I will show how I colourized my drawings and what material I used.
Just one more thing, my drawing were all made by hand and later I edited them in Adobe Illustrator.


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