Archives and Future Places: Colouring my drawings

During my research, the colour centre I also found this interesting centre of Buddhism.
In it, tricks I found several curiosities about this religion and as there are several rituals, one of them are mandalas made of sand.

I decided to do something I had never done before, sand collages.
I bought sands of colours online and used glue.
I chose to use bright and vivid colours, so I would have somehow a connection with the colourful mandalas that Buddhists use in their rituals.

It was not easy, because I had to be very precise so that the glue was not for the other parts of the drawing, I always used a brush to paint the drawing with glue and then I sprinkled with the sand I wanted.


A trick I learned from this experience was that the best glue for this effect is the PVA glue, I tried to use one of UHU but it was very strong and it gave me a texture with more relief and I wanted the sand to be spread by everything, not by different layers.
Another detail I learned from this little experiment was to always begin with the darker sands and with more pigmentation so that they did not blur the clearest ones.

Here are my drawings finished, my next blog post would be about the editing of the video and how I put all of the images together. I will upload my video on youtube and share the link in here.


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