Archives and Future Places: Projection Mapping

For anyone who has never heard of this fantastic projection technique like me, you will be super surprised.
I knew this existed but did not know what the process was like.
This projection is commonly used in buildings or any other large-scale surface.It’s a relatively recent technique.
But it is very successful because it soon gives “life” to space where the projection is made.
There are several ways to do these projections, can be made with videos and sound, can be done with 2D drawings, or even an assembly or a sequence of several drawings and later be projected in a sequence at a time.

We had a workshop to explore a little bit about this technique and it was really an important workshop because we learnt a lot, how to use the Adobe programme and how to apply it, we used a mockup of a building to see how it worked, we saw some examples of the usage of it:


I was very interested in this technique, it is certainly one of the things that I will want to try in a future project.

Here are some examples of projection mapping used in some events:


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