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This day we had the opportunity to create a poster in riso printing.Last year I used this machine for the production of some posters, but it was very good to be able to review the procedure of this, to enliven my memory. With so many new techniques I was already a little forgetful of how to use riso printing.

Our tutor advised us not to waste a lot of time in choosing an image because this was only a trial, and so it was, as I was going to see some drawings of fortune tellers, I decided to redraw a photograph that I had previously taken from Roman Road and make another drawing to later use in the poster, which in my case was an image of a fortune teller.

I ended up choosing a fortune teller, from the image it conveys to me, from the prediction of the future, from the unknown, from the uncertainty, and it could correspond to what I wanted to present, something that could happen in the future in 100 years.
I also like the fact that it has this gipsy look that would give a little more life to my standing design.
This was just a test for the workshop of this day, now next time I will use Riso printing for my final poster but with the image that has more to do with my story.

I do not know what colours I will use in the final poster, but for this example, I chose to use the image of the street in red and the fortune teller in black, with the name “Roman Road” in the background.
Next time I’ll try to use different textures, not pens or markers. My colleagues also had very good ideas because many of them risked using a different and original tool and their results were very good.

Here are some pictures of that day:


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