Archives and Future Places: Essay Film Montage/ Sound and Green Screen

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As many already know, for me it is always very difficult to face these digital programs and edit videos etc.
But I am always very happy when we have the opportunity to have some workshops of these, to refresh my memory and also to take some notes of new things that I will learn.
This day was like this, we saw some examples of our tutor, a montage he did a few years ago that had images, and what was fundamental was the audio track, he used his father as the storyteller.

For this project, we will have to use the audio track, either in the assembly, in the still images or in the graphic novel.So these classes were fundamental, learn how to download the audio, some special effects and so on.
Also in the afternoon class we learnt to photograph on a green screen and to change it by digitally, editing the background of the screen.

It is very interesting as I mentioned earlier in the post about graphic novels, the power that the images or photographs have. A simple photograph can have several meanings, starting with who sees it, the way I decipher the image may not be the same opinion of any other person.

The most amazing thing is that nowadays with the powerful capability of programs like Adobe Premiere is, digital life makes it even easier to change any photo, there are lots of special effects and extra effects to change anything from a simple photography.


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