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I do not know if it happens to you either, but it happens to me, when I have a new project and I feel a little insecure about what I’m going to do, my first idea is to go looking for inspiration/motivation, going to a museum or another side to investigate, see things, open up “the horizons” and try to find something.

Once I was in that zone I decided to go to the Childhood Museum, see what exhibitions there were and some of the toys of the 1900’s.From the 1900’s, after my first research, I found this very interesting story of Claire Ellen Grants, which happened in 1900. I will not go into this topic on this post because I will do a separate blog post with this theme.

It was very interesting to see a work of Rachel Whiteread’s in this museum, a huge facility with small dollhouses that she herself collected during her life. Rachel Whiteread’s is considered one of the heroes of Bow area, and so it was nice to have me cross with one of her works.These little doll houses were empty, the artist says that it is purposeful, because it gives us wings to our imagination, to be able to create any history within them, all the houses have one thing in common, that are the lights, that represent the lives inside of each house.

Here are some of the photos I took that day, it was inspiring, as it always is, every time I go.


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