CIP: Kate Moross- how do I see myself


I confess that this exercise was one of the most difficult, I always find it very difficult when I have to reflect on myself, I think it is much easier to talk about the work and style of others than our own.
For now, I do not feel that I have much to say because I’m just a student, I still do not have much longing to work in this branch of graphic design.
Being an illustrator I define myself in one word: colour!
I love using colours throughout my work.
I met Kate Moross the day she came to my university for a lecture. Until today I have recorded in my memory some of his quotes of: “There is no Inspiration, there is a Solution to every problem.”
When I say that colour is part of the definition of my work, I can also say that the patterns and the exploration of colour combination are one of the things that most identify me.
I believe there are colours that combine and there are colours that can not even be seen together.
And that is what fascinates me the most in the arts, is the power to be free and try or invent a different technique every day.
The material I use most is without a doubt the basic marker or black pen, and the watercoloured colour pencils. And the combination of both is the perfect match.

I feel that every day I learn and that I will still learn a lot more, and that is what makes me study arts, is to do what I like and feel free to explore.

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