CIP: Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher is a master when it comes to books. He created the “bible” for any graphic designer or illustrator, the book called “The Art of Looking Sideways”.

I have never seen this book live, but I have seen some images that he used in it, and they are amazing, it is amazing this ability to create a single image with two meanings, or two sides.
One of his best combinations is that he works with typography and images.This technique of working with two perspectives on a single image is very interesting because people who observe this work will always see something different and discover a different meaning in them.
And so must the books, inasmuch as each book must be authentic, it must show the identity of the author and be conceived to his taste, to be unique.


These are the rules I’m going to use to build my book.In addition to having all those care in more technical terms, I will always remember this book and use it as an example for mine, and never forget to be myself.

Here are some photos that I found online:

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