CIP: A book

Since this class, I’ve never looked at a book in the same way.
It’s amazing as books are beyond pages, and cover and back cover has so much more to think about.

For example, how it will be printed, the quality or type of paper to be printed, how many pages it will have, how much each page will weigh or the book itself at the end, what kind of cover will have, a hardcover or a cover more malleable, what kind of binding will it have, will it be by sections, have dust jackets bound in, will the glue be glued to cold or will I send it to a company that will make me the book the way I want it?

I know, there are so many little details and all very important for the making of a book, and I just mentioned the outside of the book.
As for the interior, we have to think of certain things as the type of page, whether it will print in black and white or colour, whether it will insert images or text?

On this day we had a fundamental exercise, which was in groups we would have to open a book and observe the pages of this one. And see if they had margins, columns, gutter, main body height, the space on the top/bottom of the page.

Here are some pictures of what we did:


I learned a lot with this class, I am sure that in the execution of my book I will think of every detail I learned on this day.

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