Activism: Final PLAQUE

My previous laser cut experimental plaque was not a drawing that I took time to do it… I did not have time to think really carefully about it, so I did pick an image of a woman hiding with her hand, feeling scared of this man.
Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 22.53.09

And again this was not the message that I wanted to have on my project! I wanted to give to these women a voice. I wanted to give them the power of speaking it, of saying what they wanted to say and or sometimes when someone says something about you and you can’t reply straight away because you have no reaction. That was my role! To give these women a time to shout out what they want to say!


This is my original drawing, I then edited it in illustrator and prepared a file to do it in laser cut.
I decided instead of drawing just one woman and my main quote ” I’M NOT AN OBJECT”, I did drew a big group of women so in that case, it shows that you are not alone!
There is a lot of other women that have been harassed, and since we are all different from each other, we all experienced different stories. What really matters it is that we will stick together and fight for the same “goal”, not being quiet, not be standing what these men think that they can say whatever they want to say about us!

Here is a picture of how it looked like at the end:

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