Activism: Final BANNER

Ater going through a process of working with image and “transparency” typeface, hiding an illustration as a “secret message, I notice that something was missing…
I wasn’t giving that feeling of women being powerful, I was most probably giving this idea of feeling being kept inside of you when my message was too strong to be hiding.

My final quote was: “I’M NOT AN OBJECT”

I will show you how I had this idea of creating my own typeface and using women’s body parts to make it read the word “OBJECT”.
In my opinion, that is something that happens every day, more nowadays, that men or even women look at each other as an object, as a shape, they are not worried to get to know these people, all they care if we women have a nice “bum”, nice body, rather then try to get to us and get to know our personality, it is like we are wearing labels all the time.

Throughout my experimentation, these are some pictures that I took to get some inspiration for my final banner:

I photographed again my little female figures but these time I used some text into it and that was when I had this idea that I could work and create my own typeface, using women’s body parts to give these message of, “I will not be afraid of showing my body just because you can say something about it”.

Here are the pictures of the drawing and then the edited image:

imnotan 2

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