During this “Christmas competition” that I and my daughter were participating I realised that I could use the same idea for my project.
As I was in this mood of using transparencies, light and photography.
What I did was, using a balloon as my “base” wrapped it up with PVA glue and a white string, let it dry, pop the balloon out and create like a transparency ball, representing this figurative feeling of “being full” “had enough” “will pop soon”.
Then I would draw some little female figures and place them inside the balloon.

When I was taking pictures I noticed something really interesting…
I could still see some bits of the balloon… (the balloon that I used was an “18th birthday”), and when it dried, the ink of those words was stuck in the PVA glue, as you can see in the picture below.
So I had this brilliant idea of doing exactly the same process but these time would use a black permanent marker and write my own words, words related to my project.

I did my experience and it would of work if I was patient enough… I did not wait for it to dry properly so what happened was that when I popped the balloon the strings were not already dry and it completely changed the form of my “round ball” into a really funny shape.
But I did not give up, I did another balloon but this time I used vegetable paper, cutting some little pieces and writing on them some words of feelings and emotions, I used PVA glue to create a “solid” ball once it was dried.

When it was dried I drew the little female figures and created a card background for the use of lights and create this “night city” atmosphere.

Here are some pictures:


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