Fig Taylor: Making a Living week

Today was a very productive day and very striking.
This morning I had the opportunity to meet Fig Taylor, a portfolio consultant.
She has been working in this environment for a long time.
It was very important to me this meeting because whenever I see myself thinking that the university will end and I will have to have a portfolio to apply for jobs, I am always very scared!

She gave us lots of pieces of advice and also shared some very peculiar stories with us.

It was very nice to be able to see examples of how to present the work and how to ‘not even think about’ presenting the work in that way.

Fig was really very important at this time and stage of the course because now that I have more free time because I’m in university and still not working full time, is the ideal time to start creating my personal blog and website.

She also said that illustrators nowadays rarely have a curriculum, you can have one, but for this or to replace the CV is always better to have a website. Instead of a cover letter, you can have a blog, because there you are yourself, you are you.

I narrowed down some points from today so it would be easier for me to explain what I learnt and also to better understand some of the important facts.


It is very difficult and increasingly difficult nowadays to be recognized for your work because there are many people and more and more people in this area, all completely different and all very good.

To be different or have a recognized style is necessary to show diversity in the workplace to have more opportunity or more OPPORTUNITIES work but also need to be consistent, to the extent that you should follow a “line”, not disperse a lot.
This should happen because if someone is analyzing your work you will want to see your style in all the images and not look for an artwork and wonder if it is yours, or if it was by mistake.
For this to happen, you must always be yourself, do not copy the work of anyone, be yourself.


As I said earlier if you are an illustrator you must have a recognizable style and be consistent.
If you are a graphic designer you must be a “chameleon” because you will have more variety of customers and more opportunity in the field of work.
The choice of a portfolio is very relative, nowadays if you go to an interview or have a meeting with Fig, for example, she herself said that you can open your website or digital portfolio on a tablet … properly prepared so that it does not fail the internet or do not open a folder or even find the folder on that day.
A tablet why? Because it is screen touch and you can always maximize the images to see in greater detail … Because it is light and easy to handle.

You can have a digital portfolio, because there are clients who prefer a portfolio where you can see your original work, for example, if you have a series of prints that are relevant to this interview you will take them with you so that the client can see your work, feel it or even smell it.
About pages… THERE IS NO MAGIC NUMBER, as long as it is relevant for your portfolio you can have as many as you want.



By this, I mean that you must also build your confidence.

For this, we will start with the most basic … as when you make your choice of your work if you are not sure if that work should be in your portfolio or not, do not aim! Because if you doubted it is because you do not feel at ease in showing this work, and you feel proud and it will hurt you in your interview, because it can end up saying what you want to, such as “Oh this work I did not like both of the final result .. etc etc. ” and that will not give you a very positive aspect of you.

Have everything previously prepared so that you do not take risks and that this is reflected in your personality. You want to do well and if everything is controlled you will be calm and feel more optimistic.

Use the platform that you feel more comfortable, be it Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr … but always think which one will be the most suitable for your work and format.

Most important of all is that you are confident, believe in your abilities and skills and face your self-confident interviews.

I’ve already created my Instagram page, and now I’m going to bet on a new blog or even a facebook page, which I happen to have but I have not uploaded any photos … maybe this is the right moment.

Now some photos of today and some examples of how to present your work or how to avoid how to exhibit your work too.


Have fun!

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