“Field Research”- workshop

This was a very productive day.
Once again we had a brief in which we did it one day, came to prove that one day you can do a lot.
We were given a map and a list of things to do that morning.
I and the group decided then to start by walking through the city … We passed the Spitalfields Market and decided to enter. By that time there were still many closed stalls …
We then started by observing, taking pictures, making sneaks of people passing by, interviewing merchants, photos and more photos.
The purpose of this mini project was to show that in a short time we are able to produce a lot.
I always enjoy going out and exploring, so for me this project turned out to be a lot of fun.
In this market there was a special day, a day in which “alcohol free” was celebrated. This was due to a challenge that many people make, the “Dry January”, in January are sober, to minimize the amount of alcohol that people ingest during the festive seasons. So some of these brands took the initiative to produce very delicious drinks (which I had the privilege of proving) and that end up not having alcohol. Very clever.
In order to collect all these things from the list we had to return to the studio and expose what we had acquired there.
It was very interesting to see the end, and what the other groups did.
Moral of the story, if every day we make a list with several points, and set a time, everything is done … ends up always doing more and this makes it even better.

Here are some pictures from the day:

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