Basquiat: Boom for Real


Well, this exhibition was really overwhelmed.
Jean-Michel Basquiat, gained popularity first as a graffiti artist in the city where he was born and then as a neo-expressionist. Basquiat’s paintings are still influential for various artists and often hit high prices at art auctions.
I love this artist and his concept. This history and connection he has with art through his self-interest. no one presented him with art, for his own sake, for enjoying drawing and transmitting this “love” on the walls. He was recognized for his work and today he makes fortunes.
Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures at the exhibition. The photos I took were hidden behind the security,  thats why they look a little bit distorted.

He has had a very interesting journey throughout his career. He even worked with such well-known artists as Andy Warhol.
In this exhibition, I saw the various moments of the artist, where he was happy, where he was more rebellious, where he had harder grinds, where he revenged in this world.

What I like most about his work is the simplicity of the drawings, his trach is very “unclothed”, very confident, he seems to have no sketches or processes before the end.

He draws, paints on various objects, and seems to always do everything at first. It is very expressionist.
In all his works I felt this, that he always conveyed what he felt. He was not worried if the final piece would be the “most beautiful” and well achieved, but rather if the feelings and emotions were there.

And that’s one of my biggest problems. I always spend a lot of time thinking about how my final work will be, instead of risking more and letting things go, flow naturally.
This artist made me feel more capable.
From now on I will draw more and try not to think too much. Be more positive and believe in my skills.

Here are some pictures of his work:

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