Amélie is an illustrator living in London, that works with illustration, fine art and printmaking.
She studied BA Illustration and Visual Media, LCC London.
What I like about her work is the fact that she is really mythological, she draws a lot of different creatures.
She uses a lot of color on her artwork and it is hand-made, and I personally appreciate that.
Her work is fascinating, all of these different ways of representing feelings, emotions, dreams and nightmares.
I just really enjoyed to see her work, It is a unique technique.
She uses “metamorphosis” in her work, she combined the different parts of the human body and creates a lot of beautiful visual images.

Here is her Facebook page in case you want to give a look at her artwork, it is amazing.
Amélie Barnathan

Here are some examples of her work:
11334184_671165989685696_8503614082632985979_oScreen Shot 2017-11-20 at 19.47.20Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 19.47.3315129499_947874258681533_2437745214620516177_o478180_274192476049718_803176622_o21762643_1136899043112386_2040957193869404783_o22096102_1145189175616706_5852390072890866263_o

I found a drawing I did about 3 years ago that really reminds me her work.
The purpose of these work was to use Metamorphosis as a theme.
Here is a picture about it:

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