Activism: Feedback/Experimentation

I had my feedback, I must say I was already expecting to have a bad feedback, because I did not manage my time how I was supposed to, so I ended up not having enough experimental work, visual images related with my theme (harassment).
My tutor gave me some advises. I don’t know if I was too nervous and thinking about how to manage my time, that I felt really confused without knowing what to do.
I went home and I went to read some of the “#metoo” messages trying to get some words or something that would help me to visualise my ideas.
My tutor also said to me , that I should have try to get away from my comfortable zone. So instead of being a really literal illustrator, I should have try to do something “Abstract”.
Right… my first thought “How can I be abstract? ” “What is an abstract paint?”
Well I started from doing a little research… Abstract its the language of Emotions, that is why when you observe an abstract painting you don’t normally see any “real figures”, all you see its like a really impressionist and expressionist line, and the colors, colors are fundamental on this kind of technique because that is the principal way of communication.
Here its an exercise that i made to help me out on the building of some abstract figures.

I bought this little canvas, cut some pictures from the magazines, placed in the canvas, took one photocopy of the four canvas together. Then I put a few layers of tracing paper and decided to start drawing on top of the images, my aim was to start taking some lines down and turn my images as much abstract as I could.
It was really challenging for me but quite fun because it came across with a beautiful and unexpected outcome, when I look at my images it kind of gives me this illusion of “people loosing their identity”, they are saturated of people harassing them that they don’t know what is truth… what they think they are or what people say about them.
Now I will keep doing some more experimentations and have fun with it.

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