Activism: Transparencies​

This was another experimentation…
I really loved the outcome and enjoyed to create this.
First of all, I wanted to use some key messages, feelings, some words that would describe experiences, stories and work with it.
I went back to read some stories from people who experienced being harassed. They all had different ways of reaction and opinions. I picked the words that I felt that I could work with.
My idea was, in this piece of paper I would look at it as if it was a “skin”, a “life”, someone who had a feeling or an emotion but it was now a scar.
I cut the words out, it was like a scar, something that marked that person… you could only see if you place it on the light and that is because words can mark you, not physically but it can have physical consequences after and it would mark you in a certain way.
I keep saying words because that is my focus on this project, it is what people say when they are harassing someone and how can they affect emotionally on harassed people.
These words are the feelings, emotions, how people felt it and feel it.

I then had the idea of illustrating under the words, to translate every word in an illustration. I drew with really thick lines. My thought was to see the words on the outside and then when you put on top of the light or facing a light you can see the illustration under the words.


I am now heading the right way. I am more confident and motivated with this project. It is this feeling that now I have things under control. Now I will have to think about my pamphlet, banner and plaque.

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