This post it’s to announce what theme am I working on my project 1.
That is it, “HARASSMENT”!
I picked this theme because it is something that is happening at the moment, especially in the Hollywood world.
I did my research already and had my feedback. My feedback was not really positive as I spent more time on another module, but I don’t blame anyone because it is all my fault I should of manage my time carefully.
So this week I decided to dedicate all my time for this project.
I am really excited to start visualising ideas for it because this is a really interesting theme.
For that I will have a look into some contemporary artists that actually worked with harassment before and try to get some ideas from it.
My next post will be some of my visual ideas so far.

The picture on the featured image, was a illustration that I made from a story that I read, this little girl of 7 years old at the time was confused when one of her nuns from her catholic school asked her to take her pants off because she wasn’t wearing the right dress code, at the time she didn’t realise what was happening, but when she grown up she knew that it was completely wrong and she suffered from “Harassment” since she was a child, she had more episodes when she was already a teenager.

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