“Stall Designer”- Creative Industry Practice

As the stall designer I had to go out and explore about it. So I went down to Spitalfields Market and took some pictures of it. I also found on internet a picture of an empty stall. With this picture I started to think about what materials I would use for the cover and table, if I would need any stands or extra lights, where could I place the posters, the laptop and every single detail. Below there’s a couple of  pictures of different stalls that I used as an inspiration.

Next part of the development was to research what we will need for our stall? A table, tools, a cover for the roof and lights, as lights are fundamental for a professional appearance. I have noticed that stall prices are very high! As you can see in these pictures and my research, purchasing a stall varies from £130-£250, which would be over our budget. Therefore, I decided to draw something simple and focus on the lights and how to make our product stand out, focusing on what’s essential.


This was my final sketch for the first presentation.
I like the result. It was drawn by hand firstly and then traced into InDesign (Adobe Package) to turn it digital.
I focused on having my stall organised, keeping the display minimal in the hope that people will focus on the product, leading them to us and enquire more about the product.

I chose a black towel for the table because our product is colorful and a black towel it’s not that expensive.
I added a poster of the LOGO at the back to represent ourselves. A laptop in the table to play our promotional video. Some lights at the back to help us with the lighting. We decided to hang some tote bags on one side and stickers on the other in order to promote our product whilst filling up some spaces.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 16.27.21
Here is a picture of the final stall after changing the color scheme.
The fact that we reduced the number of colours allowed the display to look more appealing to the eye and giving it a fresh organised look.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 15.26.29

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