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The pictures below show the physical prototype that I made out of metal. Our product has a support arm with a clip to attach the hand and the clip to hold to the USB stick. Initially I wasn’t responsible for the physical prototype but ended up doing it. During the process I realised that we needed to change the material.
Metal is expensive and hard to work with. This would take a lot of our time and money which is not good as we have a lot of work from the other modules.
I then passed the feedback to the group and we decided to change the material.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 16.44.01
It was really complicated to find the material to do this prototype, that is why I bought two different wires and a cable, I cut the cable (non flexible cable from: B&Q), took the two wires inside, rolled them together and try to fit inside of the “hard” wire… It was a big challenge and a really hard work as my hands were hurted at the end.
I found it that working as a group is not easy as not everyone meet the tasks that were given.
That happened with the materials for the product prototype, for example.
If me and Aga didn’t go out and look for it rather than searching online I wouldn’t never known that it would be impossible to use metal wire for the final product.

So we then decided to go back to Aga’s idea of using laser cut and do our product in acrylic.
Here are some images of her digital and physical prototype.
Urszula did the little hand made by acrylic for our prototype.
Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 17.21.10Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 17.22.09

My next blog post would be about Promotion, how are we going to promote our Product.

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