Laser Cut (testing)

I went to Laser Cut room for the first time. It was great.
The most difficult part for me was the preparation of the image, because I am still learning how to draw digitally. In this process I am actually lucky because I can draw by hand, and then export the image to InDesign and trace it to turn it digital.
I still had to change the colors for the laser cutting process, so the laser can recognise what parts I wanted to be cut or what parts I wanted to be just engraved.
For this session I used an image that I found online. I chose this picture because it was really interesting the fact that you can not see her face, she was hiding herself with her own hand, she was trying to protect herself, and you can see another hand coming and trying to get her.
I personally thought that was a strong image and something that totally expressed the “harassment” feeling/message.
I wanted to post a video with all of the process during the laser cut technique, but it is a bit long (11 minutes) and it fails every time I try to download.
Here are some pictures from the process.


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