Creative Industry Practice- Presentation

This was a really important morning! We had a presentation about our project for “Market Ready”.
The presentation itself went really well but obviously we had some feedback from our tutors, and that was the most important part.
They liked our product because it is unique and innovative.
We still have to do some changes, as defining the material for the product, pricing it, change a little bit of the logo because it’s “too much” going on, change the composition of the posters, maybe have a look at the colour scheme that we picked and reduce it.
I personally thought the presentation went really well and I did know that we needed to change some little things to get better, but for example with the logo I always thought that was a pretty good one, but apparently its wasn’t, so we are definitely taking a look at it and see what we can change.
I learnt a lot during this presentation, one thing was the fact of talking to a big group of people, as English is not my first language I was a little bit nervous that people wouldn’t understand or I would just “blanked” but at the end everything went really smooth and I felt really confident.
It was good to see the other groups too, because we always take some ideas and inspirations from them, and it is a way to see from the outside what I did when I was standing up and talking.
Now its time to prepare ourselves for next week and do the most we can to do 10 times better.


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