Core Drawing: workshop 1- British Museum

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Denotation” and “Connotation“, an easy explanation that I found online:


“The denotation of this example is a red rose with a green stem. The connotation is that it is a symbol of passion and love – this is what the rose represents.”



So basically our task was, going to the British Museum and to observe! I was asked to go to the first floor and observe the area around, pick an object and draw it, then after draw the space itself and in the end draw the people on top of it in the tracing paper.
The main point here was to observe the local, take the first annotations of the place, draw the lines and what I could see, and then look it deep to the space and take the “emotions” of it, if people would stop at that specific place to observe and have a connection with the object (observe it), if people would stop to only take pictures, or if people didn’t even stop for it and walk past.
Next week we are going back there and we are going to develop this exercise.
I really want to go back there and this time I will probably change my drawing tools, this time I used graffiti pencils, but next time I will use some markers, to draw the people because I want to give some emotion to it and I think using some colour will help me to express that.
Here are some pictures of what I saw today, and two of my drawings.

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