Activism: Letter Press

Today I went back to the Letter Press room, I think that’s the only “messy” place that I like to be in. ahah
It was really interesting because we were in small groups and had the chance to hear each other talking about our projects and what slogans we had to work on it.
Let me tell you that I changed my theme one more time. Like always, I have to complicate my life and change my mind about 100 times.
But now that is the last time, my theme is ” Harassment”.
I picked these theme because the other ones I didn’t have a “connection”, so it will be a challenge, I am really excited about this project now.
I will do a lot of research and then I will post about it.

My slogan for this day was:







That is not a slogan created by me. But my tutor said that I could use “It’s not a Compliment” itself because it would be a strong message.
I didn’t do that much in this session because for that I would need a entire day, this process takes time… to find the right typeface and to try any other composition.
But here are some pictures from these day.


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