Activism: Laser Cut (induction)

I am really excited to try this technique!
It is something completely new for me, today we only had an induction.
We learnt every step of how prepare your image/drawing to go through this to process.
Obviously not being able to see it was a bit complicated because it is a lot of information to take on, but I know that once I see it things will sound easier.

To edit your image you might need to go into Adobe Illustrator, trace your image and change the colours, so the laser recognises what parts you want to cut first, second, third and last. I know it sound a bit confused but at the end all makes sense.
You also have to think about the material! Because you’re not always have the best results if the material is not good. The best ones are Lino. Letter, Fabric, Wood, “MBF” wood its like a “soft” and light wood. You must avoid to use “reflective material” as glass or metal… at least at my university our laser cut doesn’t cut that material.

Here are some pictures of the process itself and of some examples of what you can do!
I have about two weeks to draw my plaque to be ready for laser cut, then I will post and take loads of photos for better understanding all of this process.


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