Pratick Savile- Hot House talk

“Stylistically I have been influenced by my time as a screen printer, and love for the hand-made and human error – hand-drawn lines, photocopied and scanned patterns.”

His online page:
Patrick Savile

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 19.56.44

“Having grown up on a solid diet of weird 70s sci-fi and fantasy, I create worlds that hark back to the world of prog-rock album art and take leads from comics, as I like to create narrative in my work, however abstract it may seem.

I have worked as a freelance print designer for five years for the likes of Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Amazon, and when not working for the big boys, I enjoy illustrating my own ideas, collaborating with people on album covers or painting things in my studio with my hairbrush and my thoughts.”

Patrick Savile is an illustrator and graphic designer he is working in Shoreditch, with a portfolio filled with client work for Vice, Amazon, Nickelodeon and Sony.
His most recent of the latter is for Reality vs Virtual Reality zine, depicting his take on the two worlds.
It was just great to meet someone like Patrick, so young and already so well-known, he said he was lucky to meet the right people and have been given the chance to work with, but clearly his potential and talent it’s also part of his journey so far.
What I like about his work is the fact that he has his own style and he mixes hand writing, hand drawing with digital. For me is still a little bit difficult to work on digital but now I have learnt how to do some little things in Illustrator (Adobe Package) and I must say that I really enjoy it.

Here are some pictures of his work:

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