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I went with my family and friend to this big and extraordinary fair.
It was my first time in there… I wanted to go there for two reasons, one to look at the market and get some ideas of costing and pricing for my Creative Industry Practice project, and two to get some inspiration for the visual image for my Activism project.
It is really important in my opinion, to go out, see exhibitions, explore what is around you, especially when you are stuck or just looking for inspiration.

I did change my theme for the Activism project, but I will post about it later on, in a different post. I can only tell you that is related with “Wildfires”.

Walking around the fair, I was really impressed about the quality of work and how different it was from each other. I had a feeling that I would mainly see digital work, because that is what arts are about nowadays… but no! There were a lot more in there, as sculpture, jewellery, fine art, painting and drawings, photography.

I must say I really enjoy it and I am definitely going again next year.
There was actually a person that catch my eye in there and it was such a big inspiration for me, his name is STJEPAN PERKOVIC, and he is a painter.
But a really special painter.
Stjepan Perković online page

“My life and art are marked by my birth. Due to cerebral palsy, which affected my hands, my lifestyle is different. Despite cerebral palsy I use my legs skillfully so I am able to write and paint with my left foot. I have been painting, illustrating and writing poetry since my young age in order to express the spirit that moves me from inside. ” Stjepan Perkovic

That made me realise that despite any incident if you really want to and if you really fight for it, you can do whatever you want! Just fight for your dreams and believe in yourself!

Now some pictures that I took from that day. Yes I love photography!


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