Design Principles and Fundamentals

“There are rules, there are principles, and there are elements that “drives” you into your work.”
That is a little bit of what are the principles and fundamentals in Design, it is the way of looking to Design. That does not mean that you have to follow what everyone follows.
I personally thought at the beginning of this lesson that everyone would follow all the “rules” but then I realise that we are all different and we all have a different opinion and way to see things.
Design Principles are a structure, a boundary, a decision.
We learn the principles and then we choose which one can we use or not use on whatever we are doing on our design.

Here is a list of them and how can you achieve or observe them in Design:

Balance: symmetry, harmony, can be achieved by the colour, or the contrast.
Emphasis: “contrast”, complementary colours, bold or not bold typeface.
Movement: Composition.
Pattern/ Repetition: in a layout, structure and grouping, recognition of a pattern.
Contrast: focus in one,  comparing the complementary colours, using consistency colours.
Unity: Using all of the list os the principles and combined in one piece, finalised your work.

In the afternoon me and my group of CIP (Creative Industry Practice) decided to use the morning session and actually do our logo for the Agency.
Our final name is “STRUGGLESS“, now its time to think about the image, the logo.
I did some sketches in my sketchbook, but Alessandra started to do some sketches on Adobe Packages. We helped her to give her some suggestions and changing the colours. I personally prefer “pastels ” colours because you don’t get tired of it and it’s not to heavy for your eyes. so you won’t get tired of looking and you feel engaged with those colours tones, but that is just my opinion.

Here are some pictures from the screen, while me and Aga were helping her by giving her some advices and she was actually doing it.


We still have a lot to do about this logo, but we are happy with the typeface, it represents a string and shows “struggle”, “challenge” and “texture” throught it.
Now it’s time to start thinking about the colours pattern.

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