Activism: “EQUAL PAY!!”

Since my last post for Activism “Activism: Sisters uncut meeting”

I have been working on my sketchbook and have been doing a lot of research about this theme.
I did say that I would do my project about a subject related with women, I was so inspired by that group of activists that I wanted to push some boundaries and give it a go.
After my research I realised that Equal Payment is still a problem here in England and also around the world.
In my opinion I don’t think is fair a woman earning less money than a man if they both are doing the same role in work, just because of the gender. Nowadays that should have been something that shouldn’t exist anymore.
So my idea was… starting to research of some activist groups in East London, but I only found one society that still does some charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights. This society is called ” FAWCETT- EAST LONDON ‘Equality. It’s about time.’ ”
Millicent was the first woman to protest about equal pay! I took some quotes from the internet and I wrote myself on my sketchbook. I also did some sketches to find the best way to translate visually this message.

Here are some images of my sketchbook:




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