Accelerator- Natasha Triay

Natasha Triay, Student Enterprise Manager at Accelerator, came to our University, she shared with us a presentation with slides that included all the steps that you need to take to be good enough to participate on the Market Ready.
She also talked about her own experience, it was such a pleasure to meet someone like Natasha, she is a big inspiration and showed us that you need to work hard to get what you want, because you can not create a business in two days, you require a lot of information and research.
Student Enterprise London at Metropolitan University offers a range of help, support, advice and events for those interested in going into business for themselves, or simply learning more about the process of starting a successful business.
For me it was really important her visit because it made me realise that first you have to believe in yourself and believe in what you are creating and second you really need to work hard, you need to arrange a lot of little steps, as information, research, contacts, going out, explore, talk, look for it, to be able to start your own brand, business, industry, project.

My next blog will be about my Product for CIP and how the presentation is going so far.

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