Activism: EMPATHY

We started this lesson from watching this incredible video by Dr Brené Brown that explains how to ease someone that is in pain or suffering.

Empathy! Empathy is: FEELS CONNECTION!
We can only create a genuine empathic connection if we are brave enough to really get in touch with our own fragilities.



We all had in front of us a space and some magic markers that we used to write it down our actions, what we wanted to change, how we felt about, what we needed, what we feel happy about, what we don’t feel happy at all about, what is missing, what needs to be done, and a lot off other things.
The idea was to not look to the others and just focusing in something that we were up to CHANGE.
During this exercise we could have heard the markers and how people were mad or angry or not satisfied, because when we were using the markers, we were making so much noise with them.
After, we went around and left our mark in where we agreed on, I was really happy to come back on my desk and see so many marks of other people, because that means that people were there with me, they aggreed with what I have said and they wanted to change some of the things that i wated to change too.

We also created some groups that had in common a theme.
My one was me, Noah and Francesca, and we were going to work on the theme “University Community”, which at the beginning we were a little bit lost because we were an “ACT OF POSITIVE PROTEST” and that was a challenge because normally a protest is mostly connected with something negative, something that will show people protesting and acting really angry about it.
In our case we had to think about something fun, something that will be fun and it would help and create a community.




We started to remember about some challenges that people done during the past years to help others but they were fun as well and created our own.
First word that we had been ” MUSIC” because that is something that people easily get together, through dancing, singing, same musical taste and that. and also a run pedal bus that could happen in London on the hot spots of tourists, that could use their own banners, drink, have fun and live in community.


For that we created a slogan a word that represented our group “UNIted” Uni for: University, Union, Universal. And also created a little stop motion movie to represent ourselves and people who eventually will join us.





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