Market Ready- Brand Analysis

We started this workshop from being in our groups and discuss about our Agency Name… We had an idea that probably is going to be our final one. As our Design Agency is mainly to produce Products related with “Students/People” Struggles in life… Alessandra came up with this idea of calling ourselves “STRUGGLESS”. It is a really good shout because I can already start thinking about the logo and the slogan. But it is still something that we are approving.

Moving on…
Our workshop was about Visual Language or Semiotics.
Semiotics?? Right… Semiotics are the sign, the symbols the “logos”, the “images” and their use or interpretation.
That means that whenever you are confronted with a brand you will see a name or a logo and you can easily do a connection, it could be the image used, it could be just the name, it could be both the name and the image.
I’ve got a good example of what I am trying to say.

Me and my group went to Brick Lane and had to explore and collect a minimum of 10 examples of branding material ranging from Luxury to Economic products/services. It could have been signage, menus, pamphlets, business cards, bags, etc.
It was really fun going out and do this because I was actually looking around and observing all of this with different eyes and with a different knowledge and understanding.
When we came back, we reunited in our groups and discuss of the difference that what is a good or a bad branding product/services.
It was actually really impressive the amount of little details and specific marks that you can get from per example a bag… the color, the typeface, the shape, the reading, the interpretation, the meaning, the different idea that I can take from there and my colleagues can see in any other way.
Here are some examples of what we collected.


Next week we are going to define our name and start to think about logos and slogans.

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