Activism: Sisters Uncut- meeting

Please take a time and watch this video that present themselves:

I am still overwhelmed for the fact that I had the opportunity to go to one of their meetings.
It was such a really big experience for me.
The fact that you see people risking their own lives to protest and fight for what they believe and try to change what is wrong without even asking for nothing in exchange, just justice!
I never had heard about them or done research about it,  but my friend told me about them and all I knew was the fact that they were a really big “family”, that they fight everyday for the same goal, for the fact that the government cuts all the help and that is why Domestic Violence services are in crisis.
Being around them, listen to what they were talking made me feel so little, because I never been in a protest or never went out to protest about anything.
For me it was like I was in a different world, I was truly impressed, and everyone were so nice to each other, really well welcomed to join them.
They are such a respectful group, that welcome you, that teach you that it is important to go out, to help the others, to plan justice, to talk when you need to talk, to share, and to live in a community, even if you are all different we learnt to accept the difference and commit for the same cause.
I don’t know if I will go to another meeting but I do know that I will use every single second that I experienced that evening for my next project.
I am sure that I will write on my pamphlet, or create my plaque, or paint my banner with this feeling that I have to believe in what I am saying, I need to connect with my audience, I need to be welcome to people who will have the same opinion as me but also to people who will protest against me, I will respect, I will embrace, I will feel that whatever I am fighting for is something that needs to change and I want to change and I will change!
Please if you have a minute go on to their website and help.
Here is the link:


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