Critical & Design Thinking 

Today’s lesson was really important as we discussed about Critical & Design Thinking.
It is fundamental to go through this process when you are involved in any project.
There are 6 steps to achieve a good Critical & Design Thinking, which are:


If you are in a project and you use this bullet points you will be succeeded.

We also did some really interesting exercises based in “resolving problems” , “getting away with a solution”… it could be anything… you just needed to find a way to resolve them and know how to explain them too.
My favourite exercise was definitely the group task that we had.


My group was really quick, we actually started right from the beginning to discuss and try to get some ideas and try to create this new “station”…
Our plan was as the car could not stop we thought of creating this system on the traffic lights, so when they stopped at the red signal they would have a screen that would pop ou or it will reflect on your front glass and it would ask if you needed to be charge… and then you would have to activate the procedure with your own voice.
We also thought about the distance that our system would be working from the traffic lights to your car… and we decided to be a diameter of 200 metres. As we did not have that much time we still wanted to figure it out a new idea of an app to the cars that are not driving around or not passing through the traffic lights, but that would be something that will think about it in other occasion.


What we did differently from the other groups was the fact that we used some paper to visualise our idea in 3D effect.

It was really excited to see and listen to the other group because we have learned a lot and it is crazy the amount of different and good ideas that we all shared.

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