Market Ready (session 1)

We started the lesson doing an introduction about our first project from Creative Industry Practice.
The first Project is called ” Market Ready” and I will work in a group.

Our purpose is to create a product that sells my course to prospective students.
I will have to develop a collective design agency and brand, design and create a target audience appropriate product or service, develop a promotional plan, and the represent our proposal to the Student Enterprise team at Accelerator.

The selected teams and products then will go on to sell at the market.

First task I had to explore 10 Design Agency Names.
Here is a picture of some examples… I found 10 but honestly I could have found much more… there are so many agencies nowadays and all of them with really interesting names. For me it was really fun I really enjoy it. I  also did a step by step of how to create a name to an agency.IMG_4672
Second task was to create a mind Map with some names for our own agency. We are still thinking about that because we think that soon as we have the product the name will come.
I did my own mind Map with my first thoughts… I still have to create my short list of names so then I can decide which name will win.
Here is a picture from my sketchbook:

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