“Activism is the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.”

Well, first day back at university and my brain is already tired!! ah ah
It was a lot of information to take on in just one day.
This is a really interesting brief, I am already having some ideas and feeling really excited about it.
I will have to produce outcomes based on archive material relating with Activism and Activists, and this is really interesting because it means that I will have a lot of research to do about it but also I will create my own vision of it.
It is like a mix of past and future… I will do research, I will go back and discover as much as I can… and then I will continue and create a new version of it and that will be really personal, because it will be my opinion and my voice!
WHAT and HOW I want to represent/ defend it.
As my studio name: Futures Past.

We also had a trip to “The Roman Road Trust” but I will do a separate post about it. That will be my next blog post.


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