Activism: “The Roman Road Trust”

We will collaborate with “The Roman Road Trust”, a charity centred around people in the Roman Road area of East London. It works with local people and the local Council.
We visited a few places as the “Common Room”, “45 Norman Grove” house, and also “Rachel Whiteread’s demolished house” in Wennington Green Park.

To better understand what all of this places are about I will leave the link here with every detail:
Common Room
Norman Grove Street
Rachel Whiteread’s House

Lets start from the “Common Room” … there was a lady that came that day and opened a gate for us and also walked with us around the area to show us around. She said that this was an initiative from a project that started in 2014. This was a place that was builded by students from London Metropolitan University and it is there for the use of the public, first it was meant to get a funding of £10,000 but they only got £2,000 which is a big difference and that is why they had to pick that little small piece of land.
The space nowadays is a little bit “abandoned” and that is because people are leaving constantly, to look for better jobs and new opportunities, there is still a hope for this community… if people stick together and work for it.

Then moving on to Norman Grove house, this was a Toy Factory and Nursery that opened in 1914 by Sylvia Pankhurst to provide work and a decent wage to local women, as well as a crèche for those who had young children. The women designed and made the wooden toys, and Sylvia went out and sold them to shops like Selfridge’s. The factory was on this site until 1934, when it moved to the Kings Cross area, where it continued until the early 1950s.

In last we went to Wennington Green Park, where its known now as the “Houseless Park”.
The House is still a success in the Art History, lumped with the other provocative creations of the YBAs in the early ‘90s.
There is no blue plaque to House, like there is to the incendiary V-bomb, but next time you are at the Green look for the two simple benches close to the railings on the Grove Road side and you will still see some bricks on the grass, its like a trace that still has a big impact and value for people that walk past everyday.
There was a lady there siting on the bench that actually told us her opinion about it and it made me think that people really care and respect what happened there even knowing that it doesn’t longer exists.


Well… hope my next blog post will be “what am I protesting for?” “What am I raising my voice for?” because that is still something that I am researching for. I do have an idea that I will defend “Refugees” “Immigration” or ” Discrimination” as we live in London and it is a multicultural area. But I can change my mind, I honestly don’t know yet.

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