Oh well… I guess this was the “quickest” project for me… I know I was really stuck with ideas at the beginning… More because of the slogans itself than the visual work…

Because I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to say… I didn’t know of my messages were that important for people to stop and look at it… I was actually a bit stuck… 

But soon that my statements were ready I immediately started to think about my visual ideas…

I know that my first thought was “I’m not doing it digital…” Because Im alwayas a bit scared of computers programmes… But when I saw my colleagues posters I was really impressed, because their digital placards they look better… Specially if you’re working with type it would be too risky to write your statement by hand…

So what I have done was… I did my drawings for the background and collages… Then I passed to Photoshop and just added the type… Because I already knew what typeface I was going to use… It actually took me a morning to do all the three placards… My friend helped me with Photoshop… But that really pushed me into it… I know that I want to learn more in that programme… And I’m already starting to watch some tutorials and learn more during this summer.
Here are the pictures from my placards…

This one I have painted the background with watercolour pencils… I did like some “blocks” to pass my message of “fit in” … Then I blurred the blocks to say my first words “you don’t always have to”… The type is “capital Arial” and the other one is “script bold italic “…

For this one I did a collage with many different question marks… I created only one big question mark to represent the word “question”… Then the word “everything” I used a typeface that would look like a marker and thick type. I like the contrast but I like this one because I used an image to represent one of the words…

For this one I drew a sound wave… From the three placards this one was the one that I found more difficult to me… First because of the position of the text… Because I wanted to do a sound wave it was difficult and impossible to keep the portrait position… But because on my brief didn’t say that it have to be only in portrait position… I used landscape to this one… So my message “take time to listen” could fit on the placards and on the sound wave.

2 Replies to “Project 3- Final placards”

    1. Thank you Sara… I did enjoy to photograph them… Specially because I found out this incredible walls that helped me to better understand my statements! And it was an unconscious act… It look like they were there just for me… 🙂


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