Project 1- Final Outcome

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This is my final result from my fanzine for this project 1…

O really liked the final result… I redone my poster but I didn’t throw a way the old posters… I just used them to do my belly bands and the book itself…

If I have to redo this fanzine I would probably add more colours or tried two different ones because that was what the brief asked for it.  

I really enjoyed to do the book and to created all of this pockets to include my 3 fanzines… At the beginning I was scared because I never done something like this… So detailed and “precious” but I must say that I am glad with the final result… And next year I hope I will do more fanzines… I’m screen printing or risk printing…

So my final deliverables are:

1 publication

2 copies

All of them include a poster when you open your fanzine… It is a A3 poster at the back of the full fanzine.

It was such a inspiration for me… Because it looks like I created a ” memorial” fanzine… Something that if I was on the streets giving it away this fanzine for most of the people would be a “attention” message to be aware nowadays this can happen anytime​… It would be a feeling of respect for people who have been through this and feel thankful to look at my fanzine because I created a memorial… At least for me that is the feeling… I feel like I created something really emotive. 

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