Project 3- Development/ Final ideas.

Finally I picked my final slogans.

  • You don’t always have to fit in.
  • Question everything.
  • Take time to listen.

For the first one I decided to do something really simple… just playing with the type on its own… because this message it’s right to the point, and I wanted to work with typography itself and try to compose with two different typefaces that are different but that can work together.


The second one I wanted to play with the word “question” because my slogan before was ” be a question mark”, I slightly changed the sentence but keep the visual idea, the question mark itself can be read as the word “Question”. I used a different type to write different type of question marks, so at the end is a collage with many different question marks, creating only one final question mark… if that makes sense.

The third and final slogan, I chose “sound waves” to better represent my message… I wanted to do one of te placards with a drawing, so what I basically done was, drew a sound wave and then wrote it on top my message… I was trying different type of letters to see which one was the best for my final one…

My next post would be my final placards…
Im doing it all by hand… but I am still considered if I do the first one at least in digital… lets see how it goes.

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