Mark Making ( collages )

One of my final works from Mark Making are three different collages, I was asking to do some experimental collages and then, a final one… to be honest is really difficult to me to pick from 2 of them the final one…
The first one I did as experimental was one drawing of a woman really colorful, using watercolor pencils and then I just applied some flowers to complete her hair style.

The other one I did was a collage with fabric, with different patterns and textures… And this one is one of the ones that I was not sure if is considerate experimental or final one… I did gave fun doing it… because I learnt how to give the effect of 3D through the tones and changing the colors of the fabric to give that illusion that is a face and has the shapes of one.

The last one is a black woman, as I already said before I really like to do women portraits, but black women it is so incredible their strong features their beautiful afro hair which is really rich in creating a visual image.
In this case I used magazine and newspaper paper…I tried to keep the colors of the skin, for the hair I just did small circles and gave them a curly effect. I cut the paper with scissors and some bits with my hand.

I really enjoy to do some collages… I found it really fun, and you do learn a lot, because you get in touch with the material, instead of just drawing with a pencil or a pen, you will cut all the lines, all the shapes, all the colours with different paper, trying to get the best pages to get the best colours… it is really amazing.

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